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Choosing the right Boat

Many types of boats can be chartered in Bali and there are are several things to consider when chartering a boat, yacht or Catarmaran. Sailing yachts are more quiet while motor boats can be faster in getting you to your destination. If you plan on doing some fishing then a motorboats are generally better equipped and have more space for fishing

Catarmarans are generally more stable than motor boats or single hulls yachts. This makes for a smoother sailing experience as well as when you are anchored and stationary. Single hull yachts however have a deeper keel so they don't lean as much. Yachts and Catarmarans offer an exhilarating feeling as the wind propels you across the water in a smooth and effortless way. Speed however is obviously dependent on the weather. Motor boats generally have more space both above and below deck. Do you want sailing action or comfort and luxury?

Different types of boats have certain pros and cons. Think about and the type of boat you would prefer to charter and contact us if you need any assistance. At Bali Charter Boat we have an excellent range of options.

  • Chartering a yacht is a great experience to share with friends and maximising the capacity of a vessel is the best way to achieve the best value. Organising 6-10 friends to share the cost of the charter can bring down the price to less than $100 per person.
  • Choose the charter package that most suits what you would like from you experience. Some boats are more suited to cruising the islands, some have better fishing equipment, while other packages are more appropriate for a romantic cruise. If you are unsure, we will be pleased to advise and suggest a package that suits your desires.
  • If you are alone or a small group you can always choose a scheduled charter cruise. Its a great ways to meet new friends and share the costs
  • Bring sun protection. While our boats offer comfortable and luxurious cabin areas, a day on the water can expose you to a lot of Sunlight. Hats and Sun protection cream is highly recommended as the water can reflect higher than normal amounts of UV rays.
  • Bring a pair of shoes as well as flip flops as it good to be able to explore the islands and some of them are surrounded by coral reefs that are sharp and dangerous if shoes are'nt worn
  • Bring a book, and ipod or some playing cards as boat charters provide the perfect time to experience these relaxing activities
  • For island visits and nature walks, bring several sets of long sleeve, lightweight shirts and long trousers. Remember to dress modestly when visiting local villages.
  • Sea sickness. While some charter packages visit areas that are calm and protected from swell. People who are particularly susceptible to sea sickness should get medication to assist with this condition. A private charter gives you the power to determine exactly what would like to do on you cruise, so you can spent most of the time in protected areas free from swell.
  • Drink lots of water. Sun and wind exposure whilst boating can easily dehydrate you, so drink lots of water.
  • Alcohol. While enjoying a few drinks on a boat is perfectly fine, don't drink too much as the effects will be magnified by the swell and the Sun.
  • Safety. It is very important to be safe and responsible at all times. Your experienced staff will always keep you safe but the sea can be dangerous if not respected properly.
  • Make friends with the crew. The captain and crew of our charter boats are always friendly and can also provide a wealth of information regarding the islands and culture.

Enjoy the day! Chartering a boat in Bali can be the most memorable experience. Take lots of photos and treasure the unforgettable memories of you time in paradise.